Trusted advisors to help you address your public policy and market access international issues.

If you have a market access issue or seek to introduce a new technology or if you face emerging public policy, legislation or NGO campaigns that could affect your credibility and ‘bottom line’, GreenOrange will work with you to develop and implement smart strategies. We offer the following services:

Policy Analysis & Tracking

New policy initiatives, draft legislation and regulations often constitute obstacles to market access for products and services in different countries around the world. GreenOrange will map and research policy and market access issues and help you understand the potential impact on your business. We will also put in place effective and efficient tools to track and report on new developments, opportunities and campaigns which could threaten your company and / or products.

Stakeholder Engagement

New policy and legislation as drafted and adopted by governments are influenced by a wide range of stakeholders, including your competitors, suppliers and customers, NGOs, media, trade associations and ‘bloggers’. As a first step in developing effective engagement with government and other groups, GreenOrange will identify all stakeholders and their roles and influence, and design appropriate communications and engagement strategies.

International Issue Management

GreenOrange helps its clients with a complete diagnosis of their issues and the development of comprehensive plans to help manage or resolve them. These plans are based on an understanding of the country or region in question covering awareness of potential cultural and linguistic issues that could affect. We also will help to position a client’s organization and interests, through agreed, tailor-made public relations and public affairs strategies.

Advocacy Programs

GreenOrange designs comprehensive advocacy programs in the countries of interest to the client. Those programs will include outreach to policy makers and engagement strategies with other influential stakeholders. We use a broad range of communication tools including position papers, thought leadership articles, emails, letters, social media, blogs, infographics, microsites and conferences. GreenOrange is specialized in the design, organization and execution of meeting programs in Europe, North and South America and selected countries in South-East Asia.

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